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Scuba Dynamics Sdn Bhd has vast experience behind it to be a solution to your scuba diving needs. We offer you a selection of carefully hand-chosen range of products that are of quality and value-for-money. No items are sourced from brochures or on-line shops and we fully support all that we sell in our after-sales policy.

Face Masks
The most basic & fundamental piece of equipment needed to go underwater. We offer a range of masks that cater to all ages, snorkellers and divers, with a range of precriptive lenses for those who need the addtional correction.

An essential piece of tubing that goes with your mask. Some are basic and simple whilst others offer desirable features to make your time on the water's surface more comfortable.

Also known as 'flippers' in some circles, this is another essential piece of equipment that helps you get around in the water comfortably and efficiently. Choose between snorkelling or diving fins, full foot or open heel designs but choose something to suit your needs and comfort.

Diving Computers
In this day and age, a diving computer has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury and many divers, even those who dive rather infrequently, would opt for a computer. Naturally, diving with a computer does make life easier and it can be said, safer. Diving computers are available in many designs, configurations and for various diving applications. We, however, only carry those that are designed for sport or recreational diving and have been proven to be a reliable asset.

Books on Marine Life
Understanding and being able to identify aquatic animals in the marine environment is essential to every diver. How else better to gain this knowledge other than reading the books which experts have painfully put together? Now Scuba Dynamics has an interesting range of titles that are either very difficult or impossible to get from our local book stores. Note that our list of books are not exhaustive.

Wet Suits
Worn to protect you from the elements and considered as essential for those who are uncomfortable in the colder environments, choose from a range of 'shorties' or full suits to suit your needs and use them for added comfort while snorkelling or diving in cooler water environments. We do not carry cold water suits.

An essential piece of equipment for scuba diving. Used both for safety and comfort, the range is vast but we only carry affordable, reliable and 'user-friendly' designs for men, women and children.

Regulator Sets
Another set of essential apparatus that allows you to breathe underwater. Again, the range is vast but we carry only affordable, reliable, 'user-friendly' and internationally and easily serviceable systems for your safety while underwater and convenience. System comprises of a 1st stage, Primary 2nd stage, Alternate Air Source and a set of gauges. Accessories may be added on if you so choose on certain models.

Scuba Dynamics also carry a variety and useful range of other 'toys', gadgets and accessories to complement your existing set up. This range changes continuosly and is too vast to be listed here so make it a point to check out these items on your next visit!

You can also check out our second-hand corner for some great deals.

Second Hand Corner

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